You can save a jaw-dropping 55% off the new Garmin Vivoactive 4S at Amazon

What can track various health and fitness metrics for up to seven days between charges? None other than the Garmin Vivoactive 4S, which is now selling for peanuts on Amazon. At 55% off its regular price of $329.99, this GPS smartwatch is even cheaper than during last month’s Big Day, so don’t miss out. In other words, Amazon is letting you save $180 on a new, unlocked, Garmin Vivoactive 4S. We’ve done our homework and can confidently say that wearables haven’t seen such a low price at retailer in a long time.

This device released in 2019 is definitely not among the best fitness trackers and watches. However it does hold one major advantage over some of the best smartwatches out there – stellar battery life. So, if you hate charging wearables once a day, this bad boy might be the perfect option.

In case you don’t want to get a slightly outdated smartwatch, you can choose to wait for the big holiday shopping season to get a new wearable on the cheap. But you may not have to, because many early Black Friday smartwatch deals are already live online.

For just under $150, you get a stylish-looking wearable with plenty of functionality and multiple sensors that are compatible with both Android and iOS. Some of its health and wellness monitoring features include all-day wrist-based heart rate, energy levels and hydration, and Pulse Ox.

You can also download music directly from music apps, including entire playlists. Therefore, your journey can be supported by your favorite music. Additionally, as we’ve already mentioned, this smartwatch offers a week of battery life between charges, which is pretty amazing.

We know you probably won’t go for the Garmin Vivoactive 4S at its regular price. It has many modern competitors that offer much less for the same price. But now that it’s heavily discounted to $180, it’s worth considering.