World cup 2023 final day: World cup 2023: Two new rules for India vs New Zealand, South Africa vs Australia semi-final

  • November 11, 2023

India are likely to face New Zealand in the semi-final of the 2023 World Cup on Wednesday at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai while South Africa will play Australia in the second semi-final on Thursday. The ICC has adjusted the rules of the match compared to the group stage, in case there is an interruption in the semi-final. Here are the rules for the semi-final and final of the 2023 World Cup:

Semi-finals and finals have received a last-day provision where incomplete play will continue from the scheduled date. Team games do not have an assigned set date.

If the semi-final is abandoned and there is no result at the end of the reserve day, the team that finished higher in the league stage will go through to the final. This means that unbeaten India in the group stage gets an edge in case of no result even after the last day.

In addition, the semifinals and finals received 120 minutes of extra time for the completion of the match on the scheduled day compared to the 60 minutes of the regular team match.

Once the semi-finals have been drawn there will be a super-over to determine which team advances to the final.

If the weather prevents the completion of the Super Over, the team that will advance to the final is the one that finished in the highest place in the league stage.

2023 World Cup Save Day Rules and Finals

According to the ICC rules for the 2023 World Cup semis and finals, the playing hours on Reserve Day will be the same as on the scheduled match day (including the provision of 120 minutes extra time).

If a match is interrupted on a scheduled day, the umpires can use extra time and, if necessary, reduce the number of overs to try to get a result on that day.

For the result to be secured on the scheduled day, each team must bat at least 20 overs for the result to be secured.

If the minimum rule of 20 overs per side cannot be reached on the scheduled day of play then the day will be abandoned and a Reserves Day will be used to complete the match.

On the reserve day, the match will be restarted at the venue where the last ball was played on the scheduled day.

For example, a semi-final or final starts in 50 overs for each side on the scheduled day and there is interruption in 19 overs. Overs have been reduced to 46 overs per side and play will resume. Before another ball is thrown it rains and the game is stopped for the day. Since the match did not continue under the revised overs, the match should continue on the Day of the Meal for the first 50 overs by each team and then reduce the overs if necessary during the Storage Day.

In one case, the match starts in 50 overs for each side and there is interruption in 19 overs. Overs have been reduced to 46 overs per side and play will resume. In this case, the game starts again after the over is bowled and play is stopped for the day. Since the match has resumed, it will continue on Conservation Day for 46 overs per team and the overs will be reduced if necessary during Conservation Day.