Will David Tepper get the ax if the Carolina Panthers lose to the Bears in Week 10?

  • November 10, 2023

Could Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper start wielding the ax if the team loses for the first time to the Chicago Bears in Week 10?

Despite what many will tell you, David Tepper is not a patient person. This often hurts him, another casualty emerged this week when the billionaire parted ways with Charlotte FC head coach Christian Lattanzio despite their debut in the MLS Playoffs.

Tepper doesn’t think and reacts. However, this has not changed for the Carolina Panthers yet.

He gave Ron Rivera a chance before he inevitably moved on. He continued with then-general manager Marty Hurney even though a new coach arrived. He stuck with Matt Rhule long enough as the last guy to realize this wasn’t going to end well.

This may be down to his ego and how he is perceived among NFL owners. No one likes to be the constant breadwinner in a room full of men who have enjoyed incredible success in their chosen careers, which is why some analysts believe he will keep faith with head coach Frank Reich and others in the position. .

Canning Reich soon replaced Tepper and admitted that he was wrong again. But with the Panthers sitting at 1-7 heading into tonight’s game against the Chicago Bears, the situation is dire.

This was a topic brought up by ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler recently. While the insider doesn’t think Reich’s seat is too warm right now, there are murmurs around the league that this could change if results don’t improve accordingly.

“Do I think he’s in trouble right now? No. But a few people I talked to last week wondered if he was going to be on the ice.”

Jeremy Fowler, ESPN

Dan Graziano also weighed in with a similar thought process to Reich. However, an insider said loan general manager Scott Fitterer could be in the firing line if Carolina can’t turn things around quickly.

“I wonder a little bit about GM Scott Fitterer, as it wouldn’t sit well with ownership that No. 2 pick CJ Stroud looks better so far than No. 1 pick Bryce Young, but I don’t have any inside information that would indicate that owner David Tepper is upset. enough to drive people away. We’ll be waiting there, but as of right now, I’d say that’s going to scare you.”

Dan Graziano, ESPN

Again, there are no signs from the Panthers that anyone’s career is in jeopardy — at least not yet. Fitterer was the first general manager hired by Tepper, so he might stick with him longer than necessary like the owner did with Rhule when it was all said and done.

Fitterer’s claims of something cooked up and the rivalry for the NFC South title with a new quarterback come back to haunt him. If the Panthers go from this expectation to offering the No. 1 overall pick. 1 in the 2024 NFL Draft, it would be an absolute shame.

The fans want something done. Whether that involves firing Tepper and another member of the front office or firing Reich to fire a coach instead of something bigger is the million dollar question.

Losing the Chicago Bears holding the Carolina 1 overall pick would be a shame. In particular, quarterback Justin Fields won’t play and the NFC North team is struggling to generate any kind of momentum right now.

All this speculation is doing nothing for the Panthers. Unfortunately for those in charge, that’s what happens when you promise the world with almost nothing attached.

Tepper and his wife Nicole are also innocent. Both have had an impact on football matters they have no business being involved in without overseeing and approving, yet they love nothing more than being at the forefront.

Unless things go wrong, of course.

All fans can do is hope that this sinking ship can somehow get out of its current rut. If not, they’ll wait to see if Tepper puts his ego to one side and does what’s best for the franchise.

Don’t expect any dramatic changes regardless of which way the Panthers score on Thursday Night Football.