What time is ‘Big Brother’ on tonight? How to watch on Sunday


We’ve reached the final week of “Big Brother 25.”

How will the game play out following Bowie Jane’s Head of Home win on Thursday night? Fans will find out on Sunday.

Here’s how to watch Sunday, Nov. 5, episode “Big Brother.”

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What time is ‘Big Brother’ on tonight?

“Big Brother” is scheduled to air at 10 p.m. ET on Sunday, Nov. 5, or after the end of “Yellowstone.”

‘Big Brother’ days and times

“Big Brother” airs on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

After airing at 10 pm ET on Sunday, Nov. 5, “Big Brother” will begin at 8 pm on Tuesday, Nov. 7. The two-hour season finale will begin at 8 pm ET on Thursday, Nov. 9.

What channel is ‘Big Brother’ on?

“Big Brother” airs live on CBS and the Paramount+ app. Viewers can watch episodes the next day on Paramount+, where they can also stream live feeds throughout the day.

When is the ‘Big Brother’ finale?

The finale of “Big Brother 25” is scheduled to air on Thursday, Nov. 9, at 8 pm ET. It will be a two-hour episode.

Who is left on ‘Big Brother’?

Four people are currently left in “Big Brother”:

  • Matt Klotz.
  • Jag Bains.
  • Felicia Cannon.
  • Bowie Jane.

Who won HOH on ‘Big Brother’?

Bowie Jane won Head of Household on “Big Brother” on Thursday night, making it into the final three.

Who has been nominated for ‘Big Brother’?

Spoiler alert! The remaining sections are interactive events that happened in the “Big Brother” house but have not been aired on the TV show.

Bowie Jane nominated Felicia Cannon and Matt Klotz for eviction.

Who won the Power of Veto on ‘Big Brother’?

Jag Bains won the final Power of Veto this season. He will have the power to fire Felicia Cannon or Matt Klotz.