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Election Day in New Jersey is Tuesday, Nov. 7. Residents who wish to vote early at in-person polling stations have been able to do so since Oct. 28, and others requested ballots to vote by mail.

On the New Jersey ballot this fall are:

  • 40 seats in the state Senate
  • 80 seats in Parliament
  • Many local competitions
  • Many school board competitions


NorthJersey.com will publish the results of contests across the state, as well as in these Northern New Jersey counties: Bergen, Passaic, Morris, Essex and Sussex. Check back after polls close at 8 pm on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Here’s everything you need to know about it:

Editor’s note: This guide will be updated regularly as more is published.


Where can I vote in person in NJ elections?

New Jersey allows both primary day and in-person voting elections. Here’s what you need to know.

Voting has begun in NJ. Here are three ways to cast your vote in this fall’s election

As voting continues in New Jersey, here’s a guide to three ways voters can cast their ballots on Election Day, Nov. 7.

Mail-in voting has begun for the November 7 election in NJ. What you need to know

Voting is underway in the Garden State. Here’s what you need to know if you want to vote by mail.

NJ election 2023 FAQ: Voter registration, voting deadline, voting by mail and more

We answer your questions about the voting process in New Jersey’s fall election.

This is what New Jersey officials are doing to ensure a smooth election

New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin has pledged his office’s resources to ensure free and fair elections.

Mike Kelly: I voted early in NJ. It works, it’s here to stay and we have to accept it

Democracy is slow to catch up with today’s digital world. Early voting is convenient for our busy lives in New Jersey. We have to accept it, writes Mike Kelly.


Legislative races to watch in New Jersey election: Video

Senior political writer Charles Stile breaks down some races to watch, including a high-profile battle on the coast.

Here are six NJ legislative races to watch this fall

All 120 seats in the Legislature are on the ballot in November, and with them, control of New Jersey’s state government. Here are six legal races to watch.

This is how much money the candidates for the NJ Legislature have raised in the election

Those vying for seats in the Legislative Assembly have raised more money than they had in more than a decade before the general election in November.

According to reports filed with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission, legislative candidates raised $37.6 million between June 24 and Oct. 6. That’s the highest amount raised by elected officials — after adjusting for inflation — since the 2007 legislative election.

Here are the groups tracking NJ election ads and how much they spent

With New Jersey’s November 7th election fast approaching, voters’ mailboxes, television stations and web pages are beginning to flood with political ads pushing them to vote and attacking the opposition party’s representatives. While some ads are self-explanatory and appear from candidates and their political parties, others include disclaimers that they are paid for by anonymous groups that give voters little indication of who they are or why they are calling. the message.

In the competitive 38th district, Democrats are up in arms while Republicans are asking questions

Democrats representing the 38th Legislative District will try to keep their seats in the state Senate and Assembly in the primary election with the newly redrawn district map.

District 11: All eyes on the race between Sen. Vin Gopal, Stephen Dnistrian

No legislative race on the Shore has proved more nail-biting this year than in Monmouth County’s competitive 11th District, where Sen. The state’s Vin Gopal is facing a serious challenge from Republican businessman Stephen Dnistrian.

This Central Jersey legislative race reflects the national divide

The state legislative races in District 16, which stretches from High Bridge to Princeton, reflect the national partisan divide between Democrats and Republicans.

Is the 3rd District Senate race in South Jersey a repeat of 2021?

The 3rd Legislative District is something to watch in political circles for the second election cycle in a row, especially the top-ticket matchup between first-term Republican Sen. Edward Durr and Democrat John Burzichelli.

Lakewood Vaad supports the Orthodox Democrat instead of the Assembly

The Vaad, a group of influential Orthodox leaders in Lakewood, has offered a change in its coveted deals, backing Democratic challenger Rabbi Avi Schnall in his 30s.th Assembly race. Vaad endorsed Republican State Senator Robert Singer, former mayor of Lakewood, and Republican Assemblyman Sean Kean, from the same district.


How NJ voters feel about the 2023 election: Video

Senior political writer Charles Stile reflects on voter attitudes on the campaign trail.

That’s why affordability and the economy are issues in NJ legislative elections

Affordability and the economy are hot issues in the 2023 election for the New Jersey Legislature. Here is the reason,

This is why reproductive rights are an issue in the NJ legislative election

Many voters are concerned about access to abortion and reproductive rights ahead of the New Jersey Legislature election.

This is why LGBTQ+ rights are an issue in the NJ legislative election

Ahead of the upcoming November election, LGBTQ+ communities in New Jersey are taking a closer look at where state legislative candidates stand on issues such as gender-affirming care and banning LGBTQ+ literature in grade schools.

This is why parental rights are an issue in the NJ election

Call it a dog whistle for Republicans or a political powder keg for Democrats, but the issue of parental rights in K-12 education is causing deep divisions among voters about how much influence parents should have in running public schools.

These are the issues that NJ candidates are not really talking about this fall

While much attention is often paid to what politicians talk about, the topics they don’t talk about can be very interesting. Here are some of the challenges New Jersey faces that won’t come up in the campaign.

New Jersey’s immigrants could be the difference on Election Day, but voting is a challenge

New Jersey is home to approximately 1.2 million residents. On Tuesday, when all 120 seats in the New Jersey Legislature are up for election, these residents will have the opportunity to vote for the candidate of their choice. However, voter turnout can be a challenge when it comes to natural-born citizens, who make up about 13% of the state’s population. And New Jersey has a lot of new residents.

Here is a selection of recent work by veteran political columnist Charles Stile:

Can NJ Democrats change their mood? They face rough seas

There’s no way the New Jersey Democrats are going to screw us: Ørsted’s Halloween night announcement that he’s abandoning his ambitious and controversial plans to build giant wind turbines off the coast of New Jersey is a party political controversy.

In Jersey Shore campaign, Democrats worry about ‘red tide’

On the campaign trail at the Jersey Shore, Democrats’ concerns about a potential GOP ‘red tide’ were on full display.

Why won’t NJ Democrats use support for gun control against GOP candidates?

Why aren’t New Jersey Democrats using their support for gun control measures as a way to counter their Republican rivals this fall?

Family-friendly NJ Democrats are turning to the middle as the vote nears. Here is the reason

Democrats, portrayed as “woke” radicals who want to take the country too far and too quickly to the left, are pushing a new image in this fall’s races for the New Jersey Legislature. Candidates, especially those at risk of being kicked out of competitive districts, portray themselves as descendants of Ozzie and Harriet worried about property taxes and other kitchen table issues.

How can NJ candidates support parental rights and LGBTQ+ rights?

Parents’ rights activists, who have infiltrated local school boards this past year, have launched a broad, vocal campaign to roll back what is seen as too liberal a policy in public schools, and Republican candidates have been quick to embrace the effort.

Are concerned NJ Dems turning on Platkin’s fight for parents’ rights? It looks like

New Jersey Democrats are eager for Attorney General Matthew Platkin to crack down on school districts and gender issues. And one of the things they would now like to see happen? They would like to see Platkin’s Division on Civil Rights cool its heels and stay out of court.

Why abortion is a key issue for Democrats in the 2023 NJ legislative elections

The New Jersey Democratic Party is eager to make abortion and reproductive rights defining issues this November, when all 120 seats in the Legislature are on the ballot in New Jersey.

Phil Murphy Denies NJ Carrying Immigrants As Democrats Worry About Legislature

Suddenly, the governor who lightened driver’s licenses for unregistered drivers, tuition rates for their children in states, and pandemic relief blocks when the Legislature mocked sounded like he was placing words like a concert phone at state borders.

‘Help yourself’: Parental rights fuel NJ Fall races

New Jersey’s Republican leaders believe that anger about the parental rights movement can be turned into political gold. They see the debate as one of the few issues that could unite the core of the conservative base and attract independents and suburban Democrats to competitive districts.

Could a second ANCHOR charge help NJ Democrats get over the line in November?

New Jersey Democrats are betting their control of the state Legislature on property tax rebates. Can the strategy work?

Bergen County commissioner race: Two Republican challengers and two incumbent Democrats

Two Republican newcomers are seeking seats on the board of commissioners in the Democratic-controlled county. Incumbent Democrats Joan Voss and Rafael Marte are looking to retain their seats in the Nov. 7 election and hope to face challenges from Republicans Agninshalah Collins and Mary Jo-Ann Guinchard.

In the Passaic County Board of Commissioners election, Dems are facing new GOP female candidates

A year after a significant sweep at the county level, Passaic County Democrats are again aiming to retain status quo on the Board of Commissioners and Clerk’s Office. The Regular Republican Organization, on the other hand, wants to break the recent Democratic race for those seats and support the full number of women who will run for office.

Essex County election: A look at contested races

Nine seats on the Essex County Board of Commissioners are up for grabs in November. All seven contested races feature incumbent Democrats vying for re-election against Republican candidates.

Town-by-town polling in Sussex County on Election Day

Tuesday is Election Day and votes in Sussex County include races for the county Legislature, county commissioner and incumbent and local municipal elections.

Grassroots groups fight to influence NJ school board races. Who are they? What is at stake?

Curriculum bans and transgender school policies are among the key factors fueling emotionally charged school board races this election season. And driving these battles are local Facebook groups, grassroots volunteers, non-profit organizations and some political committees working to push like-minded people to victory. They fall into two camps: advocates for greater parental control over public schools, and advocates of public education.

As school board elections in New Jersey become increasingly politicized, the New Jersey Education Association — the state’s largest public school teachers union — was the fourth largest fundraiser in the current election, according to a report released by the state’s election watchdog.

Bergen County

See where the Ramapo Indian Hills school board candidates stand

Six students are running for three seats on the Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School Board of Education in the Nov. 7 election. The district’s two high schools serve students in Franklin Lakes, Oakland and Wyckoff.

Meet the seven candidates running for two Ridgewood school board seats

Seven candidates have filed to run for two seats on the five-member Board of Education on Nov. 7.

Meet the six candidates running for three seats on the Mahwah Board of Education

There is only one candidate among six students vying for three full-time seats on the nine-member Board of Education on Nov. 7.

Six races for three Teaneck school board seats. Meet the candidates

Only one incumbent is among six candidates running for three seats on the Teaneck Board of Education on Nov. 7.

Four people are running for two Upper Saddle River school seats. Meet the candidates

Four people ran for two seats on the seven-member pre-K-8 board of education on Nov. 7. The district serves 1,107 students in three buildings.

Meet the nine candidates running for three seats on the Hackensack Board of Education

Voters will choose among nine candidates for three positions on the city’s Board of Education in the Nov. 7 election.

Here’s where Westwood school candidates stand in the district’s dismissal of parental rights

It has been a difficult time for the Westwood School District Board of Education. Beginning in the spring, meetings in the K-12 district regularly draw hundreds of people to debate board decisions and statements regarding sex education, parental notices and LGBTQ+ Pride signs. Another meeting was called off after a dispute broke out. It’s no surprise that the Nov. 7 school board election.

Places to stay in Passaic County

Paterson’s school board election battle includes seven current and former members

More than 50 years of combined experience: That’s what the candidates in the upcoming Board of Education elections have to offer voters. Seven of the nine contestants in the race had previously won school board elections in the city, a group consisting of four candidates and four former members.

Morris County

Roxbury school board race centers on conflict over parents’ rights, LGBTQ+ policies

The Roxbury Board of Education is embroiled in a national debate over LGBTQ-themed events and parents’ rights at school, with the rhetoric growing so bitter it has sparked the high school secretary’s lawsuit. The news is full of debates between the two groups running for school board in next Tuesday’s election.

In the Dover election, former mayor Dodd prepares for a debate, eyes back to the office

Sidelined for the past four years following a disappointing election loss, former four-term Dover Mayor James Dodd appears close to regaining his familiar seat at City Hall.

Boonton voters will elect their fourth mayor in ten years. These issues can decide the race

There is one thing Boonton voters can hope for this Election Day: They will elect another new mayor, their fourth in ten years.

The mayor of Oakland, the councilor is facing a leadership position in November

Mayor Linda Schwager and Councilor Eric Kulmala will again run for county leadership in the November 7 general election.

A new face is coming to the Parsippany council. Here’s where they stand on tax increases, development

With three seats up for election in November and the retirement of two veteran council members — one of whom served in 1982 — the Parsippany council will have at least two new members in 2024.

The question is, can the Democrats regain the two seats they lost in 2021? And perhaps one who will seek a majority of the council?

Clifton voters will be asked to approve the open spaces fund on Election Day

City voters will be asked in next Tuesday’s election whether they want to establish an Open Space and Recreation Fund to preserve or buy the land. If voters say yes and the fund question passes, taxpayers will pay one cent for every $100 of assessed value and will raise more than $500,000. For example, a home assessed at $350,000 will pay an additional $35 per year, or a $1 million home’s property tax will increase by $100 per year.