Troubled Hudson Valley Restaurant Appears in ‘Kitchen Nightmares’

  • November 14, 2023

A failing Hudson Valley business is asking Chef Gordon Ramsay for help on TV this week, but it looks like it may be too late.

A small Hudson Valley restaurant will appear on Monday night’s “Kitchen Nightmares.” The sixth episode of the current season finds Chef Ramsay in Saugerties, New York to help Tess Robinson and Christopher Keff, owners of Love Bites Cafe on Partition Street.

After buying the restaurant in 2017 the couple had been trying to keep the business going, so Ramsay was called in to throw a lifeline to Robinson and Keff. ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ came to Saugerties in mid-June to film an episode of the show.

That episode will finally air on Fox this Monday, November 13. According to the preview for the episode, there seems to be some conflict and bickering between the owners, which is par for the course whenever Chef Ramsay is involved.

Kitchen Nightmares Couldn’t Help Saugerties Restaurant

Sadly, it seems that even Gordon Ramsay couldn’t help get Love Bites Cafe back on the right track. Less than a month after the “Kitchen Nightmares” staff left Saugerties, the owners announced they would be selling the business.

In a July 9 Facebook post, Keff explained that they were closing the store.

This has been a difficult post to think about, type and even post. Let’s start as we always do by saying you guys are the best and we love you! Our customers are friends and some are like family. We wouldn’t trade these 6 years of serving you for anything! But the time has come and we are on our next path. But know that we are leaving you in the best hands!

We will miss you all.

A new restaurant is now located in the former location of Love Bites Cafe

Those watching an episode of Kitchen Nightmares hoping to see how Chef Ramsay’s changes have improved Love Bites Cafe will be disappointed. The restaurant was sold and reopened under a new name. Town Cafe Restaurant and Bar is now located at 69 Partition Street.

Was The Restaurant Already Sold Before The Show Was Taped?

There are rumors that the sale of this business had already started when Ramsey was filming this episode and others said that a lot of the game had already been created for the program and to raise the quality of the place.

One of its owners appeared to confirm these rumours. The former owners have been trolled on social media by customers for their decision to ditch the popular carrot cake just weeks after filming. In response, one of the co-owners defended himself, explaining that the medical issues were the real reason to consider selling the business, something that would have been known for sure before Ramsay came to Saugerties.

Or maybe we got into the show and we’re selling because I’m one of the owners and I’ve had 25 surgeries and I get infusions every week. People who know me, know that I didn’t have a choice and would appreciate it all thanks!

Regardless of the actual circumstances of the auction, it still seems to be full of all the drama you’d expect from a “Kitchen Nightmares” restaurant.

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