The Voice Season 24 Knockouts: Watch Claudia B’s Performance.

  • November 15, 2023

While Claudia B. was training for her Knockout performance in Voice, announced that he hoped “John will regret letting me go when he hears me play the piano.” The singer was previously on Team Legend but was stolen by Niall Horan after his original Coach gave his rival, Mara Justine, the win during the Battle. It’s fair to say that Claudia B. really made John Legend regret letting her go, as she tried to steal the back but was stopped by Horan’s Save.

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In her Knockout, Claudia B. faced Huntley, who performed Bon Jovi’s “Dead or Alive,” and Noah Spencer, who sang The SteelDrivers’ “Where Rainbows Never Die.” Claudia B. was chosen to perform the song “Don’t Know Why” by Norah Jones, explaining that it was the first song she learned to play on the piano by ear.

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“I wanted to show my jazzy side,” he explained. “I hope to show something that the coaches have not heard about me until now.”

Mega Mentor Wynnona Judd was really impressed during the rehearsal, noting that “all the fireworks that could be put off.”

“He has a rare thing, that breath,” Judd continued. “You’re what I listen to when I’m not singing. I love you, I have no points.”

Watch Claudia B. sing “Don’t Know Why” by Norah Jones at Voice Season 24 Knockouts

Claudia B. led three Knockout matches, and Legend, who was her trainer, was happy to see her kill it on stage.

“Claudia, we worked together, obviously you’ve been on Team Legend, but this was the first time I’ve seen you fully in all your glory,” Legend said after the game. “The music, the art – I really liked it.”

Coach Gwen Stefani also praised Claudia B., as well as coach Reba McEntire.

“You sounded like Norah, and then you took on your own style,” McEntire said. “I enjoyed it even more, I’m a big fan.”

Legend and Stefani didn’t even try to say who they would pick as the Knockout winner if they were sitting in Horan’s seat. All three games were very good. (McEntire, however, leaned toward Spencer.) In the end, it was a difficult choice for Horan to make.

“I didn’t think I could sweat in a black shirt. But, I’m doing well today,” said Horan, who seemed stressed. “That’s the best game I’ve ever seen on this show. Claudia, that was magic. I feel like I’m cornered in a jazz bar somewhere.”

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Horan named Huntley as the winner – but his wish that none of the three artists should go Voice it just happened. As soon as they get the chance, Horan and Legend push their buttons in an attempt to save/steal Claudia B.

“Let’s hear about John,” said Claudia B. when she was waiting to hear the pitches of the two coaches and which one she should choose. “I’m going to make Niall sweat a little.”

“I really understand the style of music you want to make, and I feel like I can help you get there. So, that’s all I have to say,” said Legend to his former team member.

“Today we got a record that you’re going to make,” Horan argued. “What you are on is on another planet. Please just stay with me.”

Claudia B. said she “loved” working with Legend, but she didn’t have enough time to work with Horan. So, he chose to stick with his new coach.

“When I heard Claudia play the piano the way she sings and sings beautifully, I had to push the button and save her,” said Horan after the performance. “Sorry Johnny Boy, you shouldn’t have let Claudia go to the wars. He is mine now.”

And, although Horan couldn’t save Spencer, the third member of his Knockout team, he made it to the next round, and, thanks to a Double Steal, Reba ended up winning. All in all a solid Knockouts show for Team Niall tonight.