The Mass Effect N7 Day Teaser has fans talking about Andromeda Ties and Who’s in the trailer

Earlier today, BioWare revealed a new 30-second trailer for Mass Effect 5 on N7 Day, which led fans to put on their detective hats again as they combed through the new image for new information.

The biggest revelation is that the long-awaited sequel will tie into Mass Effect: Andromeda in some way. There have been questions about whether or not BioWare will quietly drop any references to its spin-off, but it seems like it’s still fully part of the canon.

Fan speculation that Mass Effect 5 will include Andromeda somehow seems to have been confirmed by the following code.








The subsequent reveal of the OCULON-2819-DEFIANCE code appears to be another nod to Andromeda, and hints that Mass Effect 5 will be set long after the events of the original trilogy. In Andromeda’s mind, 2819 is the year the alliance arrived in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Fans have always been mixed on Andromeda, plagued by technical problems and a pointless design.

Nevertheless, it remains a favorite among a certain section of dedicated Mass Effect fans. We wrote in our 2017 review, “Miss Effect: Andromeda is an extended role-playing game with some great moments that recapture the high points of the epic trilogy that came before it, and the intense combat and amazing sound make a big impact. The sci-fi atmosphere. Without consistent strong writing or a breakout star in his acting to keep up the long hours and empty spaces, however, disappointments such as the lack of new races, the lack of a custom companion, and major performance issues and bugs are self-inflicted.”

Meanwhile, there are many more questions about the 30-second trailer that was released during N7 Day, including who exactly is wearing those stylish new N7 protectors. Some fans speculate that it is Liara T’Soni, one of the main heroes of the original Mass Effect. As a long-lived asari, Liara could clearly live to witness the events of Andromeda.

Liara’s inclusion was mocked in last year’s reveal, where she was heard saying, “The Council is going to burn! Although, they should know by now not to underestimate people’s contempt!”

Some have speculated that the character walking purposefully down the hallway before turning and glancing briefly at the camera is either a refreshed Shepard, or an entirely new main character. One fan joked that the main character was actually Daft Punk based on their helmet appearance.

N7 Day jokes have become an annual tradition among Mass Effect fans, who have little else to do while they wait for the return of their favorite series. As BioWare focuses on finishing Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, Mass Effect 5 is rumored to be in production. BioWare is also still dealing with layoffs that have affected many veteran employees, some of whom marked N7 Day by protesting outside BioWare HQ.

In a way, Mass Effect fans will have to keep guessing for a while as they wait to see where BioWare takes the series next.