Teamfight Tactics Set 10 easter egg finally makes Jhin lore accurate

  • November 11, 2023

The new Teamfight Tactics ’10 set brings an easter egg for the legendary unit Jhin that finally makes the champion’s lore accurate.

Set 10 of Teamfight Tactics is finally on the PBE. Remix Rumble is a musically inspired TFT set that is sure to thrill you. The set brings a bunch of new characters (bands), items, and extras, as well as a new Headliner system. The Headliner mechanic is similar to the Chosen units in Set 4, providing a buffed unit with double its features.

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With a musical set, it’s no surprise that champions like Sona and Jhin are introduced as legendary units. Able to summon turrets from your bench, Jhin is your company’s first portable AD that deals bonus damage to tactics while deployed.

Historically, Jhin has been a four-cost champion in TFT. Since Jhin’s favorite number is 4, the devs make sure to always associate the number with him in some way. Now in Set 10 of Teamfight Tactics, this is still true, as players have found an Easter egg that turns Jhin into a 4 star.

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TFT players get an accurate Jhin Easter egg

Players have found a way to put a 4-star Jhin in the new set, which allows Jhin to summon more turrets that reach outside the Arena.

Obviously, as a unit costing 4 out of 5 stars, it leads to quick wins for the player, but it is sure to make a spectacle.

It seems the way to get a 4-star Jhin in Set 10 is to be your Headliner unit, as he automatically upgrades to a 4-star copy. This is not an easy task though, as even at level 9, players have a 10% chance of getting a 5-cost Headliner, meaning players will need to save up gold to get to level 10 or get very lucky.

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