Soulja Boy Continues To Blast J. Cole For Saying He ‘Had Objections’ To His Music

Soulja Boy is not happy about J’s confession. Cole said he wasn’t a fan of the “Crank Dat” rapper at first.

In a recent Instagram Live broadcast, Soulja Boy once again blasted J. Cole after what he said A Safe Place concluded with Lil Yachty and MitchGoneMad that he “turned from being a hater to being an appreciator.” Soulja Boy called Cole out for his comments on Twitter, but now he’s coming down hard on his criticism.

“It doesn’t matter what you like, J. Cole,” Soulja Boy said, per TMZ. “What a fool. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t like the song at first, now you love it now, who’s dating? Who are you, n***a, you’re not God. You’re nobody n***a. You’re not buying my album, you’re not signing me. You’re not paying for me. You’re not putting money in my pocket, you don’t do a feature with me. I don’t know, we’ve never met. We’ve never worked together. You’ve never given me a game, you’ve never called me and said, ‘Hey Soulja, let’s go into the studio and work.’ N***a, fuck you.”

He went on to say that Cole didn’t do anything about his work.

“What have you contributed to my whole life, n***a?” Soulja Boy continued. “Ain’t nothin’ fake, n***a. Shit, not a verse, a feature, or a follow, a tweet, or a tweet. I don’t even know, n***a. I’ve never talked to you a day in my life. But you want to get on the podcast playing mom with Lil Yachty… Who’s wrong? Easy. You were like Jay-Z’s ass n***a. Nobody ever listens to Jay-Z, n***a. Nobody ever listens to you loud ass n* **like him. Nobody plays.”