Sister Wives’ son Leon Brown has revealed a ‘big and scary’ new job after disappearing from the show.

Pop star Leon Brown has revealed a shocking new job after disappearing from his TLC show.

Kody Brown and Meri’s son announced that he recently performed in front of a live audience at an open mic night.


Leon performed at an open mic night in front of a live audienceCredit: instagram/leointhemountains
The Sister Wives star said she was proud after doing the 'scary' show


The Sister Wives star said she was proud after doing the ‘scary’ showCredit: Instagram/leoninthemountains

“I did something big and scary tonight and I’m so proud of myself for being brave and my inner child is so grateful,” Leon wrote in an Instagram Story on Thursday.

He added: “Open mic night is the best night. Thank you for sharing your hearts and words with us.”

The reality star was formerly known as Mariah.


Leon came out as transgender in a social media post in 2022.

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She is the only child of Sister Wives star Meri, 52, and her polygamist husband, Kody, 54.

The family has 18 children in total.

Leon was an active part of TLC’s family reality show, Sister Wives, when it premiered in 2010.

You are out of the game.

It is widely studied in entertainment

He was never featured in any episode of Season 18, which premiered in August 2023.

Season 18 of Sister Wives focuses on Kody’s ongoing marriages.

Kody’s three wives left him.


Kody has one wife – his only legal wife, Robyn Brown.

He divorced Leon’s mother, Meri, in 2014, so he could legally marry Robyn and have his three children from a previous marriage, Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna.

Meri has even left her polygamous husband. Details about her decision to leave Kody were revealed in Season 18, which is currently airing.

Kody’s third wife, Christine Brown, announced her divorce in 2021. She remarried to David Woolley and returned to Utah.

Kody’s second wife, Janelle Brown, announced that she is also leaving the marriage in 2022.

Although Leon’s family drama continues to play on this family’s show TLC, he has made it clear that he does not want to be a part of the show by remaining absent.

A source revealed to THE SUN that Leon has endured a strained relationship with his father, Kody in recent months.

“Kody has not supported Leon’s change,” the source said.

“Kody tells close friends, ‘This is a new person. I don’t know who this person is, but this is not the little girl I raised.’

“They no longer have a relationship, and because of that, it has affected his relationship with Meri, 100 percent,” they continued.

In contrast, Leon’s mother, Meri, stood by him and fully supported him.


In August 2023, The American Sun exclusively revealed that Leon married his girlfriend Audrey Kriss, 27, in a secret ceremony.

The couple tied the knot on October 29, 2022, at a home in Colorado Springs, Colorado, according to their wedding.

The couple got engaged in January 2019 at the Women’s March in Washington, DC

Leon always shares his love for his wife on social media.

In March 2023, he wrote on Instagram: “I love to love this person.”

Leon came out as transgender in 2022


Leon came out as transgender in 2022Credit: TikTok/leointhemtns
The source said Leon's father, Kody Brown (pictured right) is not supportive


The source said Leon’s father, Kody Brown (pictured right) is not supportiveCredit: TLC
Leon secretly married Audrey Kriss in August 2023


Leon secretly married Audrey Kriss in August 2023Credit: leointhemountains/Instagram