Shannon Sharpe explains why the Ravens are ahead of the Chiefs, the Dolphins as the best team in the AFC

There are four teams in the AFC currently boasting a 6-2 record. One can make a strong case for each of these teams to be named the best team in the conference. Pro Football Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe believes the label should go to the Baltimore Ravens.

“I’m going to take the Ravens, I’m going to take ‘Action Jackson’ because I believe they’re more versatile on both sides of the ball than any other team in the AFC,” Sharpe said during a recent appearance on ESPN’s “First Take Show.”

“They are first in points allowed, seventh in points scored. Their defense is first in sacks with 31 points, third in red zone goals, third in red zone defense.”

Crows have converted many skeptics into believers in a matter of weeks. They bounced back from their sluggish performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers with three straight wins, including a convincing 38-6 home victory over the Detroit Lions. Their three game winning streak has them both holding the 4th seed in the AFC and sitting comfortably at the top of the AFC North.

The Miami Dolphins sit above the Ravens in the AFC standings, as they hold the No. 1 seed. 2. For Sharpe, he still sees reason to worry about Miami.

“I believe they (the Ravens) are more complete than the Miami Dolphins,” said Sharpe. “We know what the Miami Dolphins have offensively, but defensively, I’ve never seen that.”

The Ravens have another important test coming up, as they host the Seattle Seahawks in Week 9.