See the new LSU women’s basketball locker room | LSU

The LSU women’s basketball team gave fans a peek inside their newly renovated locker room on Tuesday afternoon.

According to photos the show posted on social media, the Tigers have new lockers, a renovated film room, vanity desks and a sleek lounge, complete with a large, open sofa, purple, tiger-colored love seats and a safe. a large painting by local artist Becky Fos.

In June, LSU’s board of trustees approved a $1.5 million privately funded project. The locker room was named after him Jerry and Roselyn Juneautwo Tiger Athletic Foundation donors covered the cost.

Since leading LSU to its first national basketball championship in April, Kim Mulkey has called on the university to repair or replace the Pete Maravich Assembly Center, a 51-year-old building.

“I’m not a visionary when it comes to building,” Mulkey said in April. “I just know we need to improve. We don’t need to put a coat of paint on it. It’s time to completely renovate it or build around it and tear it down.”

The new locker room is part of his efforts to modernize the PMAC.

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