Rockstar Games LA’s new studio is hiring NPCs

Los Angeles-based studio Rockstar Games recently started a new round of hiring. Roles include NPC writers and assistant actors. Many will guess that this will be with GTA 6, GTA 6 Online or the next game after that.

Back in August, we reported on job openings for a new addition to the Rockstar Games family. Rockstar has acquired motion capture experts Standard Deviation based in Santa Monica, LA. Since then, they have been renamed as Rockstar Games LA.

The first job was that of an Electronics Engineer. It says the successful candidate will “join a team focused on designing and building high-end hardware tools for motion capture and game production.”

NPC writers wanted

Rockstar Universe just got more job listings. These include Contributing Writer: Pedestrian and Ambient Interview and Broadcast Assistant and Partner. While the writing position is on Rockstar’s job page, two acting roles have been removed.

The job description for a non-playable character writer is “This is an entry-level role that will have you work with other writers to create fun, interactive pedestrian encounters for our games.”

It goes on to say that the project will:

  • Write funny, character-driven, and unique dialogue for our local characters.
  • Work with key stakeholders to understand and support the technical requirements for player-led, conversation-based interactions with our residents.
  • Provide interesting dialogue that works within the strict constraints of a complex game system.
  • Do some self-motivated research and use that research to inform your writing.
  • Understand and match the tone of our games.

On the Broadcast Assistant page it said “Rockstar Games’ Los Angeles Broadcast Team will broadcast NPCs and other voice roles that will be recorded on location. We support Guides to help maintain the diversity and continuity of the game world.

The Broadcast Assistant who gets this job will support the NY production team, casting voice-over roles.

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