Pūteketeke crowned Bird of the Century after record votes

  • November 17, 2023

Time now to go bush with news that night ruffle some feathers. Bird of the century has been crowned. This year’s competition extra special celebrating forest and birds’ 100th birthday.

And the winner by a landslide. And we can thank this guy for that. You always talk show host John Oliver. He got many in a flap when he made himself the global campaign manager for the Austro-Lation Crested Grib.

The native bird with its distinctive orange mullet is clast as nationally vulnerable with fewer than a thousand here in New Zealand.

And because of the worldwide campaign, there were unprecedented voting numbers. More than 350,000 verified votes were cast from 195 countries.

The biggest ever for the competition, the previous record was just under 57,000. Some honourable mentions the brown Kiwi coming in second. And these little guys, the fan Tail and the black robin, made the top 10 as well as the Carcaport scored fourth place. Catelyn Williams has more details and reactions.

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John Oliver backs ‘strange, puking’ pūtekeke as he takes New Zealand’s Bird of the Century survey around the world

Like miniature bellbirds, the species is clast as three-tenth. But now it’s in the category of its own, bird of the century. And I guess little orange mullet. I think it’s a wonderful bird.

I have no graduate in super Ticketiki. But I think I’ll be a little bit passionate about the fact that some of the votes are quite biased. But I don’t care. I think it’s cute. The Poo Ticketiki received nearly 300,000 votes.

That’s 22 times as many is the run-around. In a competition known for controversy, this year’s foreign interference will be hard to top. Anyone can campaign for a bird.

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That seemed like a vulnerability in their system. There’s somebody could exploit. John Oliver’s publicity blitz or billboards put up around the world. The Weky Poo Ticketiki shot to start him while the campaign manager, bed, mouth, his rivals.

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The Unprecedented Rise of Bird of the Century Putekeke: A Neutral Analysis

Well, that’s a hit to the penguin. What are you worried? Other race concerns about the Australasian-Crested Griebs Jewel citizenship. That’s the man that’s dedicated the last decade to helping it. There’s overjoyed. Suddenly this happens.

That is just almost unbelievable. The bird’s known for its courtship act. And protecting the young. Within an hour or so of the chicks hatching, they crawl onto the back of the adults. And they’re nurtured on the backs of the adults.

They never go back underneath the birds. Conservationists are celebrating the international eyes on our vulnerable species. It can only be a positive thing that 200 countries around the world decided to participate in voting for New Zealand’s most special birds. With many of those voters donating, it’s also boosted forests and birds. And you’re fundraising. Tourism New Zealand, driving the publicity wave too, inviting the talk show host to visit.

They’re getting a win-a-solve New Zealand, and getting a win-a-solve the fantastic bird life in New Zealand is a great win, I think. There’s been no post-victory peep from Oliver. Go to get them. Let’s rate bird history. In a historic win for an international TV star enters via the Dfrent.