Now Last Week  John Oliver Putekeke win Bird of the Century Competition

  • November 16, 2023

Last week, an unassuming bird named the Putekeke emerged from obscurity to clinch victory in the Bird of the Century competition. This article unravels the fascinating tale behind its unexpected triumph, shedding light on the campaign, the competitors, and the impact on the avian world.

Unveiling the Putekeke’s Triumph

The Landslide Victory:

The Putekeke’s win was nothing short of a landslide, securing a staggering 290,000 votes. This impressive margin of 277,000 over the runner-up, the humble Kiwi, took the birding community by storm.

The Underestimated Competitor:

With the Putekeke being relatively unknown, its success raised eyebrows and highlighted the power of an underdog in a competition dominated by more recognized species.

Behind the Scenes: Putekeke’s Campaign

The Campaign Manager:

The credit for the Putekeke’s success is being attributed to its campaign manager, none other than the renowned US late-night host, John Oliver. Discover how his strategic moves, from billboards in Mumbai to costumes in Brazil, played a pivotal role in the bird’s victory.

Billboards, Planes, and Costumes:

Explore the unconventional campaign strategies that propelled the Putekeke to victory, including a billboard in Mumbai, a plane in Brazil, and a distinctive costume that captured attention globally.

The Aftermath: Reactions and Controversies

The Runner-up Kiwi:

The poor Kiwi, a familiar contender, had to concede with only 13,000 votes, paling in comparison to the Putekeke’s overwhelming success. Explore the reactions from the Kiwi and the birding community.

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Pūteketeke crowned Bird of the Century after record votes

Nest of Sorrow:

While the victory brought joy, it also left a nest of sorrow in its wake. Uncover the aftermath of the competition and the mixed emotions surrounding the Putekeke’s unexpected rise.

Controversies and Voter Fraud

Insults and Voter Fraud:

The competition wasn’t without controversy, as insults and allegations of voter fraud surfaced. Delve into the details of an extreme case involving a hipster penguin and a peculiar incident of one individual casting 40,000 votes for the Putekeke.

The Breakers’ Peacekeeping Efforts:

Even the Breakers basketball team intervened to maintain peace amidst the escalating tension. Learn about the necessary concessions and the impact of insults on the selection process.

Advocacy for Endangered Species

Turning Attention into Action:

Beyond the lighthearted competition, advocates emphasize the need to turn attention into action for endangered species. Explore the plea to focus on preserving habitats and safeguarding species on the brink.

Native Species at Risk:

Highlighting the plight of native species, the article emphasizes the shared threats faced by many birds. Discover the call to action to prevent the loss of these species, even after the posters come down.

Personal Reflections and Insights

Personal Feelings:

In the midst of the competition, personal feelings emerged, with expressions of both love and disdain for the competing birds. Uncover the emotional journey of individuals invested in the outcome.

Breakers Basketball Team’s Involvement:

The Breakers basketball team played an unexpected role in the unfolding drama. Explore their efforts to mediate and the impact on the selection process. Dive into the story behind its success, campaign manager John Oliver, and the aftermath. Learn why this victory left a nest of sorrow for the runner-up Kiwi and the advocacy for endangered species.

FAQs About the Putekeke’s Victory

What made the Putekeke stand out?

The Putekeke’s victory can be attributed to its relative obscurity and the strategic campaign led by John Oliver.

How did the Kiwi react to the loss?

The Kiwi expressed disappointment but acknowledged the Putekeke’s overwhelming support.

Were there controversies in the competition?

Yes, insults and an extreme case of voter fraud involving a hipster penguin stirred controversy.

What role did John Oliver play in the campaign?

As the campaign manager, John Oliver’s unconventional strategies, including billboards and costumes, contributed to the Putekeke’s success.

How did the Breakers basketball team get involved?

The Breakers intervened to keep the peace amid escalating tensions, necessitating concessions in the selection process.

What is the advocacy message amidst the competition?

Advocates stress the importance of turning attention into action to protect endangered species and their habitats.


In conclusion, Putekeke’s triumph in the Bird of the Century competition is a testament to the unpredictable nature of such contests. As the avian world reflects on this surprising outcome, the need for conservation efforts becomes more apparent than ever.