Monty Don made a shocking revelation about his ‘troubled’ family upbringing in a private interview

  • November 10, 2023

Monty Don has opened up about his “troubled” family upbringing and shockingly revealed what his life would have been like if he hadn’t become a successful broadcaster.

The Gardeners’ World presenter was speaking in a recent interview to promote his latest book, The Book of Farmingwhen he explained that despite his “privileged” upbringing, it had its problems.

“In many ways, it was a great privilege – home states, middle class – and difficult in many ways,” he told The Guardian, before explaining how he felt he was able to change his lifestyle: “Two things happen. First, being the black sheep in my family, I always felt I could escape.”

The 68-year-old continued: “Secondly, I was lucky enough – it’s really basic – to meet someone I loved completely when I was young and we became a team. I left a complicated and difficult life. , and I was worried. I was a difficult person. In a different place, I would have ended up locked up. “

Monty has been married to his wife, Sarah, for 40 years and together they have three children and are proud grandparents. In addition to being open and honest about his troubled childhood, Monty shared how his life and marriage were affected by his periods of depression.

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Monty Don and Sarah Don pictured in 2016

“I’m recorded as depressed. It’s related to winter. I’ve used antidepressants in the past, but I stopped them 10 years ago when I started using a light box on my desk. It really helps,” he shared. in 2008.

Writing in his book, The Jewel Garden, Monty also revealed that he previously sought professional help. “I went to a therapist. I can’t remember if he was a healer, an acupuncturist, a homeopath or a whitewashed believer, but I loved him.”

Monty Don on BBC Gardeners World Live and the Good Food Show Summer 2019 © Getty
Monty Don is credited for his role in Gardeners’ World

He continued: “He told me to drink tea, coffee and alcohol and explained my various symptoms with unerring accuracy. After a few months of this puritanical regime, they told me I was incurable.” Monty also shared that being outside in nature and doing what he does best is very beneficial for his mental health.

Meet Monty Don’s family

Who is Monty Don married to?

Monty Don is married to Sarah Don. The couple met at Cambridge University and married in 1983. They live in Herefordshire and have three grown-up children together.

Who are Monty Don’s children?

  • Adam Don
  • Tom Don
  • Freya Don

Monty Don’s grandchildren

  • George: Monty’s first grandchild was born in 2019
  • Daisy Rose: Monty’s granddaughter was born in May 2022
  • Billy: Born in August 2022

Recently, however, his family suffered a tragic loss when his beloved golden retriever, Nellie, died in October.

Monty informed his fans of the sad news with a photo of a cute dog, writing in the caption: “I was going to tell you about my new book that will be published next week but that can wait because my beloved Nell passed away last night.

“He had cancer in June and every day this summer was a gift but it’s over now. We buried him in the garden next to Nigel wrapped in my jacket with flowers, balls and his favourite biscuits. His end was peaceful and dignified and ended the suffering that was obvious but not easy to bear. So life goes on, but at the moment we are very sad.”

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