Modern Warfare III – Everything You Need to Know


This campaign has 15 different missions. Almost all of these missions reward players with items upon completion, which can be used in multiplayer, zombies, and Call of Duty: Warzone. These are available to all players, regardless of whether the campaign was played during early access or not:

  • “Breather” Calling Card
  • 30 mins Double Player XP Token & 30 mins Double Weapon XP Token
  • “Corso” Operator
  • “Ghillie Guy” Calling Card
  • 30 mins XP Token and 30m Weapon XP Token
  • “Pathfinder” Operator
  • “Toxic Drip” Calling Card
  • 1 hour Double Player XP token and 1 hour Double Weapon XP token
  • “Doc” operator
  • “Skull Rhapsody” Calling Card
  • 1 hour Double Player XP token and 1 hour Double Weapon XP token
  • “Jabber” operator
  • Campaign Completion Symbol
  • Mission to Complete the Weapon Blueprint

Modern Warfare III Launch Comms Continue

Be sure to check back on the Call of Duty Blog between now and launch, as we confirm the game’s content and provide a deeper dive into both Multiplayer and Zombies. Here’s what to expect before November 10:

Blog 1: Pre-Season Preparation: You’re Reading This Blog!

Blog 2: Multiplayer Mapping: Details on launch modes (3v3v3, 6v6, and 32v32), Intel Enhanced Mode, all launch maps (both Core and Ground War), Carry Forward Maps, and Modern Warfare III Operators from SpecGru and Kortac. 

Blog 3: Fully Equipped: A Deep Dive into Loadouts (MP, MWZ): Prepare yourself for the emergence of Perks, with detailed verification of all launch equipment, including Vests, Gloves, Boots, and Gear. Tacticals, Lethals, Field Upgrades, and Killstreaks are also guaranteed. Coming soon.

Blog 4: Increasing Your Arsenal: Primary and Secondary Weapons (MP, MWZ): All launch weapons are guaranteed, including Aftermarket Parts, and a weapon calibration pass. The Gunsmith is getting a stat change, and we’re breaking it all down for you. Coming soon.

Blog 5: Cosmetic Customization: Weapon Camos (MP, MWZ): Could this be the biggest weapon progression feature in Call of Duty history? We provide details on the massive multiplayer and Zombies Camo Challenge as well as the Weapon Mastery program for your MWII and MWIII weapons! Coming soon.

Blog 6: Modern Warfare Zombies: Introducing Content Overview: Join Operation Deadbolt, learn about Mission structure, your Equipment and Zombies Field Upgrades, Purchases and Programs, Actions, Stages, Rewards and what you can get during your deployment to the Exclusion Zone.