Michael Strahan is being asked where he is as the GMA shakeup continues and the host is replaced again

Where is Michael Strahan? That’s what fans were eager to find out after another host joined him on Wednesday’s show.

Viewers tuned in to their morning entertainment to see Rebecca Jarvis in Michael’s chair alongside co-stars Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos.

But it is not the first time this week that Michael has been absent, as he has been missing from GMA since last Thursday.

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While it’s unusual for a former NFL athlete to take time off, fans are concerned that his breaks are becoming more frequent.

One look at Michael’s Instagram reveals that he is currently juggling multiple projects, from hosting The $100,000 Pyramid and Fox’s NFL Sunday, while also managing his clothing and skincare line.

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Michael was not in his seat alongside Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos

But that hasn’t stopped her loyal fans from asking when she’ll return to her spot on the ABC morning show.

“Get back to work, Mr. Kwi GMA,” one of his fans on social media joked about one of his posts promoting his show, while another added: “We missed you on GMA,” and there were other emotional comments.

Rebecca Jarvis on GMA© Getty Images
Rebecca Jarvis filed for Michael on Wednesday

Fortunately, GMA had many talented hosts to represent Michael, including Rebecca, Linsey Davis, and Eva Pilgrim as well.

His duties obviously keep Michael busy, but he also had his own reason to celebrate recently as his twins, Isabella and Sophia, turned 19.

Michael Strahan in the $100,000 Pyramid© Getty Images
Michael has been busy running The $100,000 Pyramid

On October 28, her youngest daughters said goodbye to 18 and ushered in the new year. Although Michael didn’t pay tribute to them on Instagram, he probably showered them with gifts and love on their special day.

He is incredibly proud of his children and when Isabella and Sophia left home for college at the end of the summer, Michael could not speak highly of them.

Isabella and Sophia Strahan rocked the photo© Instagram
Isabella and Sophia now attend different colleges

Isabella is embracing everything California has to offer after starting her studies at USC while Sophia is a student at Duke University in North Carolina.

Talking about their decisions to go to different schools while watching WatchingMichael said: “Sophia is going to Duke, Isabella is going to USC. (They are) their first choice of school, and they have worked really hard,” before concluding: “I am proud of them, I am a happy father.

Michael Strahan with daughters and girlfriend Kayla Quick © Instagram/Michael Strahan
Michael with his daughters and girlfriend Kayla Quick

They are very far apart, but they have separated high schools, since the tenth grade.” Michael then added: “They have a completely different set of friends, although they are best friends,” before laughing: “But they also argue and fight until they need to be separated.”

Michael shares his two young children with his ex-wife, Jean Muggli. He is also a father to Michael Jr. and his other daughter, Tanita, from his relationship with his first wife, Wanda Hutchins.

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