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Brittany Williams

Date: 2017-2023

Brittany Williams it was JoshLong term girlfriend from 2017 until early 2023.

However, the couple met when she was only 8 years old when she attended her brother’s birthday party while growing up in Fresno, California.

At one point, a baseball from a nearby field was hit at a birthday party again Josh he gave the ball Brittany.

“And I remember being embarrassed like, ‘Oh my god, cooties.’ And that was like our first moment we remember each other,” she said Kelly Stafford‘s The Morning After podcast in August 2022.

Then they didn’t see each other until they were 16 or 17 years old, then Brittany I happened to see his picture. She told her mother how “beautiful” she thought she was, and her mother was contacted Joshmother.

They met again in his family’s parking lot there Brittany he kissed her and invited her to his school dance. He said that at the dance his friends treated him badly and ended up beating him afterwards.

“He embarrassed me for a whole year, but at the same time, I said ‘Okay, I understand, things are not in our time right now,’ I knew it wasn’t meant to be.”

During their first year of college, he texted Brittany, “I’m confused.” And since then they were together.

He stayed with him throughout his time as a quarterback at the University of Wyoming while attending Fresno State. When he was drafted by the Buffalo Bills, Brittany again Josh they moved there together and adopted a dog together. They even built a house together in the area.

Brittany he became a staple in Buffalo, and Bills fans adored him. They often comment on his Instagram page about JoshHigh quality of play.

Now, you might be wondering, what happened between them?