JOE SATRIANI & STEVE VAI To Team Up For ‘Satch/Vai’ 2024 US Tour

For the first time, after more than 50 years of friendship, Joe Satriani again Steve Vai will meet the tour in 2024.

Believe it or not, for the first time Joe again Steve will tour as a duo bill, and comes with plans to release new musical collaborations.

He says Satriani: “Be Satch/Vai the tour is happening! I look forward to sharing the platform Steve again. Every time we play together it takes me back to when we were young, eating and breathing music every second of the day, pushing each other, challenging and helping each other to be the best. I think we never stopped!”

He adds Wow: “Visit no Joe it is always a pleasure and honor. He’s my favorite guitarist to sing with, and now we have another chance to get him on stage. I feel like we’re both at the top of our game and that the show will be a powerful celebration of the coolest instrument in the world, the electric guitar!”

I Satch-Vai the tour starts on March 22 and runs until May 8, 2024. Pre-sale starts on November 13 (password: SVx24) and the public will go on sale on November 17.

Visiting dates:

March 22 – Hard Rock Live-Orlando – Orlando, FL
March 23 – Pompano Beach Amphitheater – Pompano Beach, FL
March 25 – Ruth Eckerd Hall – Clearwater, FL
March 26 – Florida Theater – Jacksonville, FL
March 27 – Atlanta Symphony Hall – Atlanta, GA
March 29th – North Charleston Performing Arts Center – North Charleston, SC
March 30 – Durham Performing Arts Center – Durham, NC
April 02 – Belk Theater – Charlotte, NC
April 03 – Dominion Energy Center – Richmond, VA
April 05 – Orpheum Theater Boston – Boston, MA
April 06 – Beacon Theater – New York, NY
April 07 – Waterbury Palace Theater – Waterbury, CT
April 08 – Count Basie Center for the Arts – Red Bank, NJ
April 10 – Scottish Rite Auditorium – Collingswood, NJ
April 11 – Warner Theater DC – Washington, DC
April 12 – Santander Performing Arts Center – Reading, PA
April 13 – MGM Northfield Park – Northfield, OH
April 14 – Kodak Center Theater – Rochester, NY
April 16 – Fisher Theater – Detroit, MI
April 17 – Kalamazoo Regional Theater – Kalamazoo, MI
April 18 – Chicago Theater – Chicago, IL
April 19 – Andrew J. Brady Icon Music Center – Cincinnati, OH
April 20 – Embassy Theater – Fort Wayne, IN
April 22 – Murat Theater – Indianapolis, IN
April 23 – Riverside Theater – Milwaukee, WI
April 24 – Regional Theater – Minneapolis, MN
April 25 – Des Moines Civic Center – Des Moines, IA
April 26 – Factory – St. Louis – St. Louis, MO
April 28 – The Astro – La Vista, NE
May 01 – Uptown Theater – Kansas City, MO
May 03 – ACL Live at Moody Theater – Austin, TX
May 04 – Music Hall at Fair Park – Dallas, TX
May 05 – 713 Music Hall – Houston, TX
May 07 – Paramount Theater – Denver, CO
May 08 – Delta Hall at Eccles Theater – Salt Lake City, UT

In a 2022 interview with LifeMinute, Wow considered by understudying Satriani when he was young and how those lessons inspired him in music from a young age. He said: “I can’t even understand what my life would be like without him. When I was 12, my friend, John Sergio, who was a friend when we were playing in diapers, and he was a great mentor, because he introduced me to all this music that I didn’t know – progressive rock from the ’70s. He brought me to my first one QUEEN the concert. He brought me into his party; it was the first band I was in when I was 13 years old. He was a dear friend. (He had) wonderful taste in music. And he was playing guitar when I was 12, and I couldn’t believe it, because he lived two houses away. Then he said, ‘If you think I’m good, you should see my guitar teacher, Joe Satriani.’ So he gave it to me Joenumber, and I started taking lessons. And my lessons with Joe were important to me.

Joe it was always good,” Wow he continued. “He was always strong, engaged and strong. And it was the best thing because he was great, and that’s what you want in a teacher; you are motivated by seeing.

“To this day, the thing I found most… so many things. And we are lucky that all these years we have been joined at the waist,” Steve added. “When I watched him play, when I was 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, everything he touched on the instrument sounded like music. When it came out of his fingers, it sounded good; it sounded like something. It wasn’t just a noodly emptiness, a kind of academic exercise and stuff like that. . I mean, we did some of that; that’s part of the training … So I always appreciated that. And yet, he’s strong and very musical. His inner ear for music is so inspiring, that he’s continued to be an inspiration throughout my life.”

Two and a half years ago, Wow he told i “Striking the Chord” podcast he learned from Satriani “religiously” every week for about “three to four years.”

“When I entered JoeThe room, the study, I never felt like I would run out of training,” Wow remember. “There was always this greatness Joe that always seemed amazing and exciting. He was always teaching a new lesson after another, (and) he just revealed a wealth of knowledge and almost what appeared to me at a deep musical moment.”

Wow He went on to say that his studies with Satriani it helped him develop into the top player he has become.

“I didn’t know anything,” he said. “I mean I was playing guitar in my room before that, but I didn’t know what I was doing. I was just playing by ear and I didn’t know how to keep the strings. , it was like finger exercises and just things to keep my creativity going, but it was very well balanced. My lessons (with Joe) evolved from most living things. He was an amazing teacher.”

Back in 2018, Satriani spoke to Albany, New York Q103 radio about what it was like to teach Wow. He said: “Steve Vai he was 12 years old and I couldn’t play the guitar at all when I met him. He showed up at my front door with a stringless guitar in one hand and a pack of strings in the other, and he said, ‘Hey, you’re teaching my friend. Can you teach me to play too?’ So that was my introduction Steve.”

Several others Satriani students continue to achieve their own fame, including Kirk Hammett, Alex Skolnick, Andy Timmons, Larry LaLonde, Rick Hunolt, Charlie Hunter, Jeff Tyson again Kevin Cadogan.