Imagination Technologies introduces IMG DXD GPU architecture with DirectX 11 FL 11_0 support

Imagination Technologies IMG DXD Graphics IP

New architecture optimized to scale across mobile, desktop and cloud systems.

Imagination Technologies is a supplier of innovative graphics architecture used by companies such as Innosilicon for their Fantasy series. The company provides architecture that can be used by all kinds of programs, clear and integrated graphics solutions, depending on what the third party needs. Working with supported APIs is said to have improved with the latest build called DXD.

The company already offers a diverse series of GPU IPs, such as A Series on smart TVs, B-Series in the entry-level/mid-range performance segments, i CXT again DXT on premium mobile devices, CXM with architectures that can scale with 50% more performance compared to BXM. I DXD launched today is designed for high performance segments especially those in cloud servers.

The company officially advertises its DXD architecture for cloud gaming and desktop experiences, but the most important feature is full support DirectX 11 Feature Level 11_0. In addition, it supports Vulkan 1.3, OpenGL 4.6 with Zink, OpenGL ES 3.2 and OpenCL 3.0, it should be fine for popular e-sports titles, but the lack of DirectX12 support is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. And it is worth adding that Windows 11 support is not mentioned in the official specs, but Windows 10 is.

Imagination Technologies also claims that its new DXD architecture has a new dedicated 2D mode support via TPU (Texture Processing Unit), this feature is called “2D Dual-Rate Texturing”. Using this ‘back-to-back’ approach, high-performance image and post-game processing will see a 2x increase in dual-filter performance, it claims.

Pipelined Data Masters

In addition, DXD GPUs will introduce Pipelines Data Masters, in an effort to simplify the work of the GPU. This should translate into higher performance and efficiency. These Data Masters are special immutable units that handle geometry, pixel, computation operations and housekeeping within the GPU. Pipelines will ensure that the next task will start as soon as the first task is completed.

The IMG DXD graphics IP includes C-programmable RISC-V based firmware. This is GPU managed programming, and is said to be 40% faster in handling GPU management events.

In terms of performance, the company claims 2.25x the performance of the previous generation core graphics. The new dual-core design will offer 4.6 TFLOPS performance at up to 144 GTXels. This is not a high-end solution, but that should be enough for casual games.

Imagination Technologies believes its DXD GPU IP should be particularly attractive to cloud gaming providers. The company also has close relations with various companies based in China such as Innosilicon or Moore Threads.

IMG DXD-72-2304 MC2 Graphics Processor
Features of the article OS support
⋅ DX11 FL11_0 support
⋅ Episode Concealment Ratio
⋅ Two-Dimensional 2D Text
⋅ Pipelined Data Specialists
⋅ RISC-V Firmware
⋅ ASTC HDR support
⋅ Windows 10
⋅ Linux Consumer
⋅ Linux X.org
⋅ Android
API support Working
⋅ DX11 D3D FL11_0
⋅ Vulkan 1.3
⋅ OpenGL 4.6 with Zinc
⋅ OpenGL ES 3.x/2.0/1.1 + Extensions
⋅ OpenCL 3.0 FP
⋅ 4,608 FP32 FLOPs/Clock
⋅ 8,192 FP16 FLOPs/Clock
⋅ 18,432 DOT8 Ops/Hour

Source: Imagination Technologies