Highlights and goals: Millonarios 1-1 Atlético Nacional in Colombian Cup 2023 | 11/15/2023

  • November 16, 2023


10:14 PM11 minutes ago

The best game of Colombian football, follow all the details of the sport on our VAVEL website.

10:09 PM16 minutes ago

Millonarios 1-1 Nacional

10:08 PM17 minutes ago

Corner kick by Millonarios

10:05 PM19 minutes ago

Yellow card for Mejia

9:59 PM25 minutes ago

10 minutes of extra time in El Campín.

9:58 PM26 minutes ago

Triple change at Millonarios: Silva, Castro and Ruiz out, Guerra, Uribe and Vásquez in.

9:55 PM29 minutes ago

Nacional substitutions: Ocampo out, Licona in.

9:53 PM32 minutes ago

Yellow card for David Silva.

9:50 PM34 minutes ago

Triple change for Nacional: Duque, Perea and Aguirre leave, Aristizabal, Jader and Zapata enter.

9:48 PM37 minutes ago

Castro’s header surprises the defense and hits the green.

9:47 PM38 minutes ago


9:46 PM38 minutes ago

Yellow card for Palacios

9:39 Pman an hour ago

Millionarios substitution: Beckham David in, Pereira out.

9:35 Pman an hour ago

Castillo saves for Nacional, Castro misses him.

9:33 Pman an hour ago

Punishment of Millionarios

9:25 Pman an hour ago

Nacional substitutions: Pabon out, Torres in.

9:24 Pman an hour ago

Perea’s shot is cleared by Moreno for a corner.

9:24 Pman an hour ago

Yellow card for Pabon

9:13 Pman an hour ago


8:55 Pman an hour ago

Millonarios 0-1 Nacional

8:53 PM2 hours ago

Yellow card for Jhon Duque

8:50 PM2 hours ago

5 minutes to add to Bogota.

8:43 PM2 hours ago

Pereira’s goal was ruled out for offside, likewise.

8:42 PM2 hours ago

Pereira takes advantage of the ball in the area to shoot with his right foot and beat Castillo.

8:41 PM2 hours ago


8:40 PM2 hours ago

Deflected shot by Catano.

8:38 PM2 hours ago

Corner kick by Millonarios

8:31 PM2 hours ago

Duque’s deflected shot.

8:27 PM2 hours ago

Castillo’s save, Ruíz had a good shot and the keeper responded, although Castro was penalized for offside.

8:24 PM2 hours ago

A big mistake made by goalkeeper Juan Moreno, Dorlan Pabon scored a strange goal.

8:23 PM2 hours ago


8:22 PM2 hours ago

Castro remembers it, the 23rd of Millonarios had it.

8:19 PM2 hours ago

Corner kick for Nacional.

8:17 PM2 hours ago

Corner kick for Nacional.

8:14 PM2 hours ago

Pabon is seeking a possible fine.

8:12 PM2 hours ago

Pabon’s deflected shot.

8:07 PM2 hours ago

Harassing David Silva

8:03 PM2 hours ago


7:46 PM3 hours ago

We are already on the cover of the first final of the Colombian Cup 2023, Millonarios receives Atlético Nacional at the El Campín stadium, everything that happens in this game we tell you here in VAVEL.

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In a few seconds we will share with you the Millonarios vs Atletico Nacional Live scores and latest information from Estadio Nemesio Camacho ‘El Campin’. Don’t miss a single detail of Millonarios vs Atletico Nacional live streaming with VAVELComments by.

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This is the first time of the game Millonarios vs Atletico Nacional game on November 15, 2023 in several countries:
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In Bolivia: 21:00 hours. – Win sports online
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12:18 AM the previous day

Millonarios FC vs. Atlético Nacional
Center Referee: Hinestroza Jhon – Choco
Assistant No.1: Gallego Jhon – Caldas
Assistant referee No.2: Navarro Luis – Valle
Fourth Referee: Trujillo Ferney – Casanare
VAR: Garcia Ricardo – Santander
AVAR: Tarache Mario – Casanare

12:13 AM the day before

Dorlan Pabon, the Antioquia midfielder is the key to Jhon Bodmer’s scaffolding. He has played 4 games so far in the BetPlay 2023 Cup, in this engagement he has played 272 minutes, 1 goal and 1 caution.

12:08 AM the previous day

Andres Llinas, the defender from Bogota is a key player in Alberto Gamero’s scaffolding. He has played 5 games so far BetPlay 2023 Cupin this engagement he has played 450 minutes, without receiving a warning.

12:03 AM the previous day

In total, both teams have met 2 times in the Copa, the record is held by Nacional with a win, a draw and Millonarios are winless. In terms of goals, the record is also dominated by Nacional with 3 goals scored and 2 scored by Millonarios. In addition, this is the second final of the year between the two teams, Millonarios beat Nacional in the BetPlay 2023-I League, the series went to penalties.

11:43 PM the previous day

Hello everyone! Welcome to the live streaming of Millonarios vs Atletico Nacional game, valid for the first leg of the finals of BetPlay Cup 2023.
My name is Mario Meza May and I will be your boss in this game. We will give you pre-match analysis, score updates and live news.