Daylight’s New Killer Is Dead Child’s Play Chucky

Dead by Daylight’s latest chapter update brings Chucky, the killer doll star of the Child’s Play slasher-movie franchise, into the world of the popular asymmetrical multiplayer game as an assassin. He will be available on November 28.

Developer Behavior Interactive notes that Chucky’s original voice actor, Brad Dourif, is reprising his role. They also added: “Players can customize the new assassin with the Good Gal outfit, inspired by Tiffany Valentine (aka Bride of Chucky), voiced by Jennifer Tilly.” Check out the announcement trailer above and the first screenshots of Chucky in Dead by Daylight (and a render of Bride of Chucky) in the photo gallery below.

Dead by Daylight x Chucky Screenshots

As you’d expect, Chucky is adept at sneaking around the map, and has a Slice & Dice ability that allows him to jump onto his larger targets to effectively close the gap. His persona, Charles Lee Ray, can help him with spirit form, and his Scamper ability allows him to jump through windows and walk under rafters.

IGN reviewed Dead by Daylight in 2021 after originally reviewing it on its first release in 2016. In the review, we called it “an amazing cut-rate movie simulator, and the best asymmetrical multiplayer game.”

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