BTS’ Jung Kook Reveals ‘Golden’ Song ARMY Will Love – Billboard

Jung Kook opens his first solo album, Gold.

The 26-year-old K-pop star spoke to her British GQ about what it’s like to record without BTS members by his side, mature themes in his music, what’s new that ARMY members will love, and much more.

During the interview, Jung Kook touched on the pros and cons of recording without the creative input of his fellow BTS members.

“When I was working on the album alone, and performing on stage alone, (I realized) things I didn’t know about myself – the good points and the areas I lack,” said Jung Kook. British GQ. “In regards to music, I found myself realizing, ‘I can do these things too, huh?’ or ‘Well, this is something I can work on.’ I found myself missing the (BTS) members a bit. “

Goldwhich dropped on Friday (Nov. 3), features Jung Kook’s Billboard Hot 100 chart No. 1 with Latto, “Seven,” and his new single with Jack Harlow, “3D.”

Of all the songs on the 11-track, the singer believes that BTS fans, known as ARMY, will sing along the most to “Standing Next to You.”

“The song itself is beautiful, and when I heard the song, I saw myself on stage singing it,” said Jung Kook. “The filming process was not easy, so it’s also very memorable. It was so exhausting that I felt my soul almost leave my body, but the process itself was very enjoyable. I think this will be the one song that the ARMY is most surprised by.”

The singer-turned-dancer also discussed the mature themes of his new music, as heard at Latto’s “Seven” concert, when he promised, “Every night, I’ll be right.”

“You make a song directed by your emotions (and) where your heart leads you,” he said British GQ. “By following my heart and my feelings, I think I was able to mature.”

Gold follows the K-pop star’s string of previous singles, including “Euphoria,” “My Time,” “Still With You” and “My You,” as well as collaborations with Lauv (“Who”) and Charlie Puth. in the latest 2022 “Left and Right.”

Jung Kook goes out on his own during BTS’ break to allow the boys to sign up for South Korea’s mandatory military service. Suga, Jin and J-Hope have already signed up. Suga, who began his career on September 22, told fans to work hard for the group’s comeback in 2025.