Anschütz improves the radar capabilities of the Anzac class

Anschütz supplies state-of-the-art navigation radars for the state-of-the-art Australian ANZAC-class frigates. With the successful installation of the new marine radar systems for the first ship, Anschütz has reached another milestone.

Anschütz Press Release

New radar systems for Anzac-class frigates include powerful transceivers Terma again Naval Radar NX applications from Anschütz on custom-made, ruggedised consoles. Marine radars extend the classic IMO navigation radar to the next level with situational awareness, enabling customers to use any radar-related function from navigation to something else.

“We are pleased to have established a reliable and successful relationship with our Australian partners and the Royal Australian Navy through the successful preparation of the mission”, said Michael DePlonty, Lead Systems Engineer for the ANZAC naval radar system at Anschütz. “Our customers are impressed with the benefits our maritime radars provide in terms of operational and tactical operations.”

In addition to providing radar systems, Anschütz’s range of services also includes custom development, system integration, documentation and training.

“The training was well received,” said Dave Hardy of BAE Systems Australia, the contractor for the radar systems for the modern ANZAC system. “Trainees also commented that they thought the Anschütz console was easier to use with a more logical setup than other consoles they encountered.”

Mk41 VLS and SATCOM antennas aboard the RAN Anzac-class frigate HMAS Toowoomba as it docks at IMDEX Asia 2023. (Naval News)

From an intuitive user interface, the Naval Radar NX application provides the operator with a clear and accurate radar image, created using patented clutter suppression and filtering technology. In addition, it offers advanced target tracking and management of navigational targets and tactics. In addition to collision avoidance, Naval Radar NX features tactical features such as monitoring alarm locations, formation manager, helicopter guidance, or video integration. The application is flexible and can be adapted to customer-specific use cases.

Anschütz supplies systems to a total of eight ANZAC-class frigates and additional land-based test facilities. As a local partner, Australian company JEDS will conduct maintenance training and perform maintenance on ANZAC’s marine radar systems.